Meet Our Team

Meet the Staff of Santa Cruz Chiropractic!

Becky Rojas, Chiropractic Assistant

Becky Rojas-Chiropractic Assistant

Becky has been serving Chiropractic patients for over 30 years, and provides the "first welcome" to our clinic. Becky loves people, speaks fluent Spanish, and goes the "extra mile" in taking care of our patients.

Becky provides all of our front desk services, which include phone support, scheduling, and assistance with insurance needs. While doing these jobs, she serves each person with professional and personal service that will make you know that you are welcome in our office.

Gail Snodgrass - Certified Massage Therapist

Gail has practiced massage for 28 years, spending the last 10 years working with Dr. Love. Gail's massage practice ranges from professional athletes to people from all walks of life. Her passion is massage. She enjoys her relationships with her tremendous co-workers and patients. Gail considers it a privilege to be a part of making a significant difference in people's lives.