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CMV drivers must obtain a medical certificate from a certified medical examiner listed on FMCSA’s National
Registry. Dr. Sproule is listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners – no. 9036033036.
California law requires all CDL drivers to meet Federal Motor Carrier qualification requirements under
49 CFR part 391 and have a valid DOT medical card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The current accepted examination form is the Federal Form MCSA-5875 Medical Examination Report (link on homepage).

I’m a driver. What should I expect?
Your health history will be carefully reviewed during your DOT physical exam. The physical exam will include:

• Past or recent illnesses and injuries (including head and brain injuries)
• Vision acuity
• Hearing disorders
• Balance & coordination
• Range of motion
• Heart disorders
• High blood pressure
• Muscular weakness or disease
• Diabetes
• Digestion
• Respiratory problems
• Lung, kidney, liver, and nervous system health

Your Physical Exam

We will perform an examination, including
• Health history review
• A thorough physical exam
• A urine test

We’ll complete the Medical Examination Form (MCSA-5875) and the Medical Certificate. You must pass all DOT physical requirements in order to be cleared for your CDL medical certificate.

Things to be aware of before your DOT physical office visit:

• Insurance does not cover this exam, however some employers may pay for the exam.

• Here is a list of items to bring that may be helpful:

Glasses if vision requires a prescription.

List of medications with dosages.

If you have a serious or recent heart, lung, or neurologic condition for which you already see a consulting physician - GET A LETTER OF CLEARANCE FROM THAT PHYSICIAN before your exam stating that your condition does not affect save driving.


• If you think your blood pressure might be above 140/90, check it yourself before your exam if you have
Stage I or II hypertension you get only ONE 3 month extension, so PLAN AHEAD!

• Those with sleep apnea require an observed wakefulness test at a sleep lab yearly. If a CPAP, at minimum bring
with you a recent CPAP card result printed out by your machine supplier.

Your Medical Certificate – who has to carry it

All drivers who have a waiver or exemption must continue to carry a copy of their waiver/exemption letter.

Medical Examiners will continue to provide the driver the original medical certificate and a copy of the Federal Form MCSA-5875 Medical Examination Form. Drivers must still provide their state licensing agency a copy of
their current medical certificate.