Love for Protein Weight Loss Program

Love for Protein Weight Loss Programs

In 2014 the Center for Disease Control & Prevention stated that 34.9% of the U.S. population is obese. This means that over 1/3 of Americans deals with obesity related health issues which may include hypertension, type II diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and certain types of cancers. Studies also show that 7 out of 10 causes of death in America are tied to obesity. We as a nation now hold the #1 position as the most obese country in the world. Not a statistic to be proud of, but we do have the necessary tools to turn it around.

The Love for Protein Weight Loss Program is a science-based ketogenic diet. This type of diet encourages the body to burn its stored fat for energy, quickly and safely. Our diet is a low carbohydrate, low calorie, and balanced protein weight loss program. During the weight loss phase our dieters are educated, coached, and monitored every step of the way. Our goal is to have our dieters attain a healthier body, and be equipped with the necessary tools to help them maintain a healthy weight for life! (See our FAQ’s for more details).
Yours in health,

Dr. David Love

Program Highlights

  • Doctor supervised
  • Allows the body to burn its stored fat while preserving its valuable muscle mass
  • Stabilizes insulin production
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions where you will receive a body fat analysis, measurements, and education to help to in keeping the weight off
  • We have over 90 protein-based FDA approved protein products to choose from during your weight loss
  • Affordable 3-Step Plan

You Can Do It!

We will show you how to….

  • Lose the weight
  • Eat the proper amount of protein for your body
  • Feel your best
  • Gain control
  • Keep the weight off for life!

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